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Separation is a decision. One that will direct your actions and build your habits. It requires the proper attitude, active belief, and a conquering mentality to meet and overcome all obstacles in your path. With the sole purpose of growing into the maximum version of yourself as a human being, athlete, and player. While everyone is obsessed with elite physical traits, separation happens because one's mindset is elite. Separation begins in the mind.

Potential can be a dangerous word in sports regarding an athlete.  It describes an athletes capacity to develop into something in the future. Every athlete has potential to some degree. What cultivates athletes is not potential alone but commitment to cultivating their abilities through the difficulty and ease of the process.

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…being a child dreaming of playing in the National Football League. You work hard to make it but as soon as you get there the desire that once fueled you in the journey to compete is no longer there. The desire has transferred into educating, empowering, & elevating young men who compete in the same game that drove you. You decide that you would forgo chasing your professional sports career. Then you pursue your passion and an a part of you purpose in developing athletes through and beyond the game.


Ten years later a number of wide receivers and tight ends have elevated their games while collectively earning north of $100,000,000 in collegiate athletic scholarships. Along with many others developing into nationally ranked prospects and some reaching the professional ranks. 
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Urban Meyer,

College Football Studio Analyst FOX Sports

Dre Muhammad did a great job of developing Austin Mack's positional skill set prior to his time at Ohio State. Mack came in as one of the most polished receiver prospects I've recruited."
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