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Athletes in Northeast Indiana now have the opportunity to train at Traction Athletic Performance in Fort Wayne, IN, the premier training partner of The Separation Development in the region. Traction Athletic Performance offers a comprehensive range of services including speed development, strength building,mental performance, yoga, recovery, nutrition, and physical therapy through Fortify Physical Therapy. Serving as a great destination for wide receiver and tight end development. 


Travel training is an opportunity focused on meeting clients at their geographical location and guiding them along a personalized journey of continuous growth. In a period of two to three days this hands-on approach ensures that clients receive the guidance and tools necessary to progress steadily towards their goals, wherever they may be in their journey. Through personalized instruction and ongoing feedback, travel training empowers clients to overcome obstacles, refine their skills, and achieve new heights of success.


Virtual training offers athletes a cutting-edge platform to elevate their game through remote means, encompassing virtual meetings, personalized training plans, and ongoing evaluations. With virtual training, players can hone their skills regardless of physical location, eliminating constraints related to trainer availability. This approach fosters a heightened sense of accountability and responsibility, empowering athletes to achieve tangible results through disciplined adherence to their customized plans. By embracing virtual training, players unlock the potential for continuous improvement and development, eliminating barriers and maximizing their athletic potential.

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